Benfleet Scrap Company have just taken delivery of a new Lefort TRAX 600 to work alongside their heavy duty Lefort 1400T shear baler at their yard in Benfleet. The versatility of the TRAX 600 with its movement capabilities will be seen to good effect, as it is tracked from bay to bay of various materials and can process each grade within the bay of that particular material. This ensures no cross contamination of the materials and it is much more efficient to track the machine to the bay.

Leo Leeman gave his assessment on the new TRAX 600 “Being able to move the machine around to the material in each bay ensures the increased speed of production, which leads to the increased speed of sales and turnaround of material. Processing the material within each bay, means only one bay is required instead of two as was the case previously. It’s a great, versatile machine.”

Tech Spec
Lefort Trax 600 – 600T Cutting Force, 180T Baling Ram, 280 HP CAT Engine, 6.0m Length Box