Mai 05, 2022

XXL LEFORT shear offers relief at Dutch scrapyard !


Based in Roermond in the south of the Netherlands, metal recycler Jos MentenMetaalrecycling (JMM) has seen continuous growth in its business. But more scrap being processed needs more efficient capacity to get the job done.
Once again, recycling machinery expert Lefort lent a hand.


‘This is probably the biggest shear in the Netherlands,’ says Jos Menton junior, standing in front of an impressive piece of recycling equipment installed recently at the company’s main yard. ‘You’ll see these type heavy duty machines in North America, certainly, but less
so in our part of the world.’ The KOLOSS2000 BL, weighing around 550 tonnes, is the biggest stationary shear from Lefort. Electrically powered, it has a 2 000 tonnes cutting force. Total investment is EUR 7.5 million, which includes major efforts by both the recycler and Lefort to install the
robust machine in a safe and sustainable manner. ‘For example, it has been placed on a special foundation to reduce vibrations and absorb shocks causing trouble for the surrounding area,’ says Menten.


With scrap volumes at JMM on the rise since 2010, year-on-year, the decision to add capacity to the yard was made as demand grew. ‘In 2016 my dad (Jos Menten senior) and I were already looking for options.’ The company processes 150 000 tonnes of metal scrap per
year; 80% ferrous, 20% non-ferrous.


Lefort was the obvious choice. Not only did they have the solution JMM needed, the recycler already had two Lefort shears at its operations; a 600 tonne mobile shear (since 1997) and a 1 000 tonne stationary unit (since 2005).
But these were running at maximum capacity. ‘The 1 000 tonne ran from from 7am to 6pm, five days a week, and sometimes on Saturdays,’ says Menten. ‘So in the event of breakdown or maintenance, there would be no back-up. The KOLOSS can take the stress out of production by offering relief to the other shears, while also handling growing scrap volumes‘



KOLOSS 2000 BL – specifications


Cutting force: 2 000 tonnes
Hold down force: 600 tonnes
Press cover force: 600 tonnes
Side compression force: 800 tonnes
Box length: 10 000 mm


Source : Recycling International, 05/2022