Gentlemen, start your engines

LEFORT s.a., one of the world’s most prominent manufacturers in both static and mobile shears, is excited to announce distribution of their products to the North American Scrap Industry.

Our team will be present this spring at the ISRI Las Vegas Convention 2014.

Lefort headquarters in Belgium is the birth place and pioneer of hydraulic balers and shears. With almost 70 years in the scrap machinery industry, Lefort comes to the US market with great pride in the craftsmanship and commitment to a superior product to the highest American standards.

Today Lefort is one of the major players in this industry, servicing and selling LEFORT equipment around the world.

Fast cars and big machines always attract a crowd.

The rhythmic vibration and the smell of a diesel engine are sure signs that something powerful is near.

Lefort manufacturing never disappoints. LEFORT North America is introducing the champion of metal crushing perfection. Available to the U.S. market in Spring 2014. Pre-order your machine now or at the 2014 ISRI Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada.