LEFORT Multi Product 800 Shredder.

LEFORT is expanding its range of machines and announcing the manufacture of its new versatile SHREDDERS, designed to shred multiple materials.

Gosselies, Belgium, 28 September 2016.
Following the unveiling of its first self-propelling crawler shear/baler (Trax® & Crawler for the USA) as a world premiere in Las Vegas last April, LEFORT is proud to offer a preview of the latest addition to its product family: a horizontal Multi Product 800 shredder.

The shredder is a machine designed to mill scrap metal before sorting and recycling. This type of machine has become an indispensable tool in the scrap metal recycling chain.

Since 1947, LEFORT has been building its machines in various plants in Belgium, driven by a passion passed down from generation to generation and exploiting the most efficient technologies and the know-how acquired throughout its history.

With a firm foothold in the scrap metal recycling industry for decades, LEFORT is today recognised worldwide as a benchmark for the quality of its manufacturing and exclusive design.
2017 will be a very important year for the company because LEFORT will be celebrating the 70th anniversary of the first machine! With extensive experience in the design of shredders, while applying the same philosophy as for the shears & balers that have earned it an international reputation, this new product will allow LEFORT to become a valued player on this market.
The LEFORT shredders come with a rotor equipped with hammers for crushing various products. The extensively tested configuration of the motor, directly connected to the rotor shaft via a hydraulic coupler, and the interchangeable hammer system in high-strength steel ensure exceptional output capacity standards and vastly reduced maintenance time.
The low motor rotation speed ensures high torque to handle the toughest materials. The dust extraction units, vibrating tables and the waste sorting selection system are also tailored to customer needs.

As for shears & balers, the LEFORT shredders are available in different versions and power units in line with the necessary production capacity, and can be equipped with an electric or thermal motor.
All these machines respect the safety standards in force and carry the “CE” label for the European market and the “UL” label for the US market.

LEFORT offers its customers a complete package: delivery, installation of the equipment and accessories, as well as commissioning and operator training, to keep down the costs for customers incurred by the involvement of different suppliers.

Thanks to a worldwide dealership network, customers can rely on a tried and tested functional structure and a stock of available spare parts to ensure timely technical support of premium quality.

With this new generation of machines, LEFORT is further broadening its range of specialities and pursuing its strategy of developing and tapping into new markets.


Press contact: Guillaume Blake
Phone: + 32 71 35 16 09