Lefort provides to David Dreyfus an Amazone 1000 TS

The industrial plant David Dreyfus of Saint-Dié-les-Vosges in France, upgrades his recycling workshop with a new machine Lefort Amazon with a cutting force of 1000 Ton.

To meet specific demands of small and medium foundries capabilities, the Amazon 1000 TS adopts before the cutting process a side punch in order to increase significantly the scrap density.

This is our 4th Lefort machine in the past 30 years. The equipment is commercially and technologically superior. We appreciate quality equipment and Lefort machinery allows us to optimize our productivity and quality of our products.
 says Jean-François GROBOT


This new machine Amazon follows a Medium 1000 ton, and is the entry level shear/baler to Lefort’s wide range of heavy machinery with an 8m compression box and duel 184kW electric motors. The hydraulic variable displacement pumps deliver a cutting capability of 3 to 4.5 strokes/min. Also, the capability of adjusting the cutting stroke allows for easy control due to the flexibility of Lefort equipment.
says Philippe Grossner, Sales Manager at Lefort.

Link of the video : Presse cisaille : Lefort équipe David Dreyfus avec une Amazone 1000 TS

Article from Mat Environnement, by Writing : H.Y. – Shooting / Montage : Nicolas Martin, 04.11.2014