LEFORT SH1540 electric shear commissioned in Texas, USA

A new LEFORT SH1540 stationary electric side compression shear was commissioned this week by LEFORT America. The proud team at Sunshine Recycling, 2019 Ruder St, Dallas, was standing by as the machine made its first cuts and processed its first loads of scrap. The team at Sunshine Recycling is excited about the increased productivity and profitability that this machine is going to bring to the facility, and has, in fact, placed an order for a second SH1540 to be placed at another location. This will leave them well positioned to be able to take advantage of the anticipated increasing scrap prices in the coming months and beyond.

The LEFORT SH1540 stationary shear just commissioned in Dallas is the third LEFORT machine that this group has purchased. The first, a LEFORT SB660 Towable shear baler purchased in 2016 for their facility in Houston led to the purchase of a LEFORT SB1000 Stationary for the Dallas location, which was meant to be a short term solution to their needs in the interim period while awaiting the new SH1540.

The owners of Sunshine Recycling cite the impressive productivity from the LEFORT machines, as well as the outstanding service from the LEFORT America Product Support team as the primary reasons for continuing to purchase more, and larger LEFORT machines.