Georges Bruhat s.a acquires a new LEFORT 1400 Ton Shear

Georges Bruhat, a scrap yard in Vitry – Le – François, France, has just upgraded its company by replacing their Amazon 1000 Ton BL shear with a new Lefort Amazon 1400 Ton BL. This large heavy range Lefort equipment is capable of handling 150 tons per day of various strong metals.

Investing in a stronger and newer machine allows for an increase in performance and productivity, as well as eliminating the need for “a torch – cutting person” prior to placing the material inside the machine.

By upgrading from a 800 x 850 mm box, with a force of 400 tons per side, to a 980 x 850 mm box with a force of 500 tons per side, Georges Bruhat will be able to handle anything that comes its way, says Philippe Grossner, sales manager for Lefort France.

This new machine eliminates the need for any material to be prepared before being processed.

The over-stroke feature guarantees the users a superior density in their production.

This device allows the penetration of the side cylinder in the volume to 300mm of the opposite wall.

The product is denser and rubs less on the internal walls of the box when it is pushed through the tunnel which limits the wear on the machine.
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Article from Mat Environnement Writing: H.Y. – Shooting / Montage : Nicolas Martin, le 14/05/2014