noviembre 30, 2022

A new LEFORT Konkeror 1000 for H RIPLEY & CO

H Ripley and Co. have invested in a new Lefort shear for their Newhaven site. Following on from the success of their export facility, H Ripley have needed more production from their shearing operation atthe port. Solution, order the latest 1000T model with a feed hopper to increase production.


The new machine has a larger diesel engine with 600 HP and a very large hydraulic feed hopper which can load the box in under 20 secs. This speeds up the cycle time for the shear which is fully operated from the loading crane. The machine is mounted on a steel chassis which can be removed and re-sited, making the machine very versatile and adaptable to its owners needs.


Tech Specs : Cutting force 1000T, Hold Down 180T, Box length 7 metres, Scania engine 600 HP




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