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Spare parts

LEFORT® has the largest stock of new or reconditioned parts in the industry, guaranteeing you the best lead times. Around 35,000 spare parts are currently listed in stock and can be dispatched immediately. If needed, we also have the capacity to put specific items of LEFORT® origin in production again.

Technical support/Maintenance

Throughout its head office, subsidiaries and network of agents, LEFORT® is able to respond very quickly to all technical enquiries. If required, our teams of specialized engineers and qualified technicians are available to offer technical support or undertake on site repair work.

Transport & installation

Relax, LEFORT® takes care of everything! If requested by the customer, LEFORT® will manage the complete machine logistics. From transport to installation on site, everything is controlled and handled by our teams.

Financing & Rental

LEFORT® offers a wide range of financing solutions to meet your specific requirements for the purchase or rental of machinery. LEFORT® can also assist you when dealing with your finance company, in order to find the most suitable solution for your business.


LEFORT® can offer a total or partial overhaul/refurbishment of all types of Lefort machines. This service also allows us to offer quality used equipment, reconditioned, certified and guaranteed by LEFORT®.

Hydraulic cylinders

LEFORT ®, in its continuing efforts to improve its processes and the quality of its products, has established its own hydraulic cylinder production line, to equip the full range of its shears and balers. Thanks to this internal production facility, LEFORT ® has total control of the quality of its hydraulic cylinders and can very quickly react to any specific request.


Would you like to improve your teams’ productivity and ensure the safe maintenance of your machines? Do you need to extend your knowledge within your areas of responsibility? Our training centre offers various levels of training, from basic essentials to expert information, whether on electronics/automation, hydraulics, or mechanics. We can provide training tailored to your needs.

LEFORT spare parts

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