Wherever you are and whatever the time, availability is the key of high productivity.

Lefort Academy

Want to improve the efficiency of your teams and secure maintenance operations? Need to develop your knowledge in your areas of responsibilities? LEFORT ACADEMY is the service of reference to accompany our customers in a process of change, continuous improvement. The courses are organized around several themes alternating theory and practice, as well as specific training for maintenance and commissioning.
LEFORT ACADEMY offers different levels of training, starting from the basic prerequisites to the expert levels, as well in electrical / automation, hydraulic or mechanical. Homemade courses are also available, depending on your specific needs.

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Lefort Maintenance

With their headquarters in Belgium, official branches in France, UK & US , and a strong distributor network covering 5 continents, LEFORT is able to respond to each request very quickly.

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Lefort Retrofit

Following a growing demand, Lefort decided to create LEFORT RETROFIT. A brand new department to provide customers with high quality rebuild and repair product.

At the end of the retrofitting process, the machines are controlled, tested and certified LEFORT.

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Lefort Cylinders

Always improving its process and its quality, Lefort has developed a production line of large-scale and high pressure hydraulic cylinders to equip its entire scrap shears and balers range.

Thanks to this self-production, the company Lefort can respond to any requests of its customers in a very short time.

Lefort Renting

Peak production? Unexpected? New contract?

No worries, LEFORT RENTING gets the perfect solution for you!

In recent years, the volatility of recycling markets has created a need for responsiveness to opportunities. That is why, through our network of LEFORT RENTAL STORES, various industrial machines for the treatment of ferrous and non-ferrous waste are available to meet your temporary production needs.

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Logistics & Installation

Relax. Lefort takes care of everything !

Lefort’s specialist team can provide the best possible logistical support and installation, in accordance with customer requirements, all over the world.

Spare parts

Original Lefort spare parts supply on all continents through a worldwide distributors network. Approximately 30.000 various spare parts are currently in stock and available for immediate delivery !

Lefort is able to provide spare parts to its customers even after series production has ended.

Used equipment

All the second-hand machines that Lefort provides to its customers have been selected according to a very strict internal control.

Each machine is controlled by Lefort, a real mark of quality for Lefort customers.

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